Heirloom Black Beans


Heirloom Black Beans

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These heirloom black beans from Oaxaca are the most flavorful we've ever tried. Grown alongside corn and squash, they are an integral piece to the milpa tradition, one of the world's oldest and most sustainable agricultural systems. By growing these three crops together, farmers are able to maintain the overall health of their soil to produce an abundance of deeply flavorful and nutritionally holistic crops. 

We recommend cooking these beans with a few cloves of garlic, some white onion and a sprig or two of epazote or avocado leaf. They pair perfectly with roasted pumpkin and Masienda Bodega heirloom corn tortillas

Please note: Our last tortilla orders of the year will be sent out Monday, December 18th (to guarantee FedEx 2Day delivery). All other items will be shipped via FedEx Ground (final shipping day December 20th). We thank you for your support and happy holidays! Regular shipments will resume January 3rd, 2018.

By accepting delivery of the landrace maize or heirloom beans associated with this order, recipient acknowledges and confirms that this Masienda product shall not be propagated, cultivated or resold in strict accordance with the Nagoya Protocol and state sales tax regulations. 

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