Masienda Foodservice


 Below is a selection of some of the varietals we carry. Our inventory changes often, so products are subject to availability.  

For a list of our current offerings or to place an order, please contact


The Masienda market proudly represents three states, six races and seventeen varieties of Mexican landrace corn. This is just the beginning. We are working with our partners in Mexico to sustainably and continuously expand our varietal offerings and inventory.


Corn is perishable. While Masienda utilizes GrainPro Ultra Hermetic Storage bags, we kindly request that our products remain in freezer storage to ensure the highest quality possible.


If interested in securing a long-term supply of Masienda landrace corn for routine production, you may choose to reserve inventory either entirely upfront (paid in full) or with a 25% deposit of projected annual volume. Once your order invoices surpass the first 25% deposit, you will be invoiced for the second 25%, and so on, until all inventory is delivered. Throughout each phase of payment, you will be invoiced for product, shipping and handling on a monthly basis.

Masienda will store your product at no additional cost, for up to 6 months after your deposit is made. After 6 months, you will be invoiced according to the weight you maintain in our freezer storage facility. For questions related to long-term storage, please contact


Masienda has partnered with industry leaders in post-harvest handling and proudly utilizes Ultra Hermetic Storage bags. These bags are an added investment in quality control, at a cost of $3.24 per bag. Please note these bags are reusable, when carefully handled and maintained.


By accepting delivery of Masienda landrace maize or heirloom beans, recipient acknowledges and confirms that this Masienda product shall not be propagated, cultivated, or resold in strict accordance with the Nagoya Protocol and state sales tax regulations.